Green House Restaurant, Seafood and Karaoke

The elegance place with reasonable price prompt to serve you with delicious Thai food, Seafood. VIP Private Karaoke Room with complete set of Karaoke system are available for small group of family like 5 - 10 people or big group of friends or a group of party as big as 60 people. All type of songs for any particular period of era are included in the system ready to serve the customers both Thai and international hits' albums. The open-air area for any size of event and party such as birthday party of 10 people untill the big wedding party of 200 - 300 people. The big green lawn and kids' playground are waiting for your kids inside the restaurant.

Restaurant Detail
Concept : A place for family relaxation and a place for group of friends to enjoy their private party after hard working, the elegance place which is welcomed all size of groups, the private VIP rooms are available for small group as 10 until the big group of 60 pax.

Highlight : The great eligance area with clean air-conditioned room and large open-air area connected to the green lawn and fresh water marsh to support any size of event or private party including birthday party of 10 pax until wedding party as big as 300 pax.

Car Parking : Comfortable in a private parking place for more than 100 cars.

Capacity : Air-conditioned room for 100 seats, Balcony under cover next to the pond for 50 seats and open-air next to pond and green lawn for 150 seats (expandable to 300 seats)

Discount and Promotion
Special Discount for Karaoke VIP Room

There are various size of Karaoke VIP Private Room as follow :

1 big room for 50 - 80 seats, to be charged at 1,500 Bht. per night (In case of 4,000 Bht. of food odered, room charge is waived)
1 medium room for 20 - 30 seats, to be charged at 1,000 Bht. per night (In case of 3,000 Bht. of food odered, room charge is waived)
6 compact rooms for 10 - 15 seats, to be charged at 600 Bht. per night (In case of 2,000 Bht. of food odered, room charge is waived)

All The Waived Room Charge Promotions are applicable for only Cash Settlement

*Remark : The above mentioned promotion to waive room charges are applicable for food only (not applicable for any drink menu)
and are not applicable during the special festival or long holiday.
This particular promotion to waive Karaoke room's charges cannot combine with any other special promotion.

Catering Service
At Green House Restaurant available variety of party for group of people around 20 up to 300 pax.


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